Woman Successfully Turns Royal Prince into a Frog

ONTARIO - Canada - A woman has successfully turned a royal prince into a frog. This incredible feat was achieved with little or no effort.

meghan turns prince into frog POLITICAL SATIRE

Forget about the old fairy tale of a woman kissing a frog and turning it into a handsome prince, and living happily ever after, a woman has recently managed to turn a prince into a frog.

This incredible feat was achieved by a woman called Meghan Markle, who has done what some said was an impossible feat never before seen.

“Harry, used to be a prince once upon a time, he lived in castles, walked around in military uniforms and performed intricate royal ceremonies. He used to go to lavish banquets, and be chauffeured everywhere, and had the pick of the ladies, living a care free life of abject luxury, with tonnes of friends, and sports venues to go to, and Las Vegas poker parties to fly to, that is until he met this woman and she reduced him to something other than a prince — a lowly frog — ribbit, ribbit!” a frog by a pond croaked.

Kinda reminds us of an old Castlemaine XXXX ad..