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Beijing train station on a quiet day

It is hailed as the largest migration of humans — Chinese New Year, when billions of people will be making journeys across China and the world to go home for festivities.

Some 3 billion trips are expected to be made during the 2020 Chunyun period, a slight increase fromĀ last year’s figureĀ (2.99 billion trips).

Of those, 2.43 billion trips will be made by cars and buses (1.2% fewer than last year), 440 million by rail (a rise of 8%), 79 million by air (an 8.4% increase) and 45 million by sea (a 9.6% increase).

Year of the Rat

The human to human transmitted coronavirus which is deadly, will thus be spread far and wide thanks to the mass movement of billions of Chinese people during the New Year festivities period which will end on February 18.

For any deadly virus, it just does not get better than this, to start in a heavily populated country like China, and to be spread around by billions of journeys in a short period of time.

The overcrowded and unsanitary stations, airports and public places in China will be a perfect conduit for the virus to spread and possibly mutate to an even deadlier strain.

China’s current population is estimated at 1,436,876,334 as of 2020 making up 18.47% of the global population, and is growing at an exponential rate.

Chinese tourists have also been spreading the coronavirus globally since November 2019, therefore with no travel restrictions internationally to the deadly virus it will spread far and wide in no time. The Chinese communist officials have ordered the suppression of the virus’ spread for months to allow it to spread across the globe deliberately.