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How Harry and Meghan Ruined Poor Archie’s Life

ONTARIO - Canada - One forgotten person in the Harry and Meghan fiasco, is their poor son who never had a say in being taken away from his royal Windsor family or country of birth.


In all of this fiasco, no one had a thought for poor old Archie, who Meghan has hanging around like a sack of potatoes on her famously posed paparazzi walk with the dogs and protection officers.

Here was Meghan beaming from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat, whilst Archie, barely hanging on to the former duchess, was obviously a mere prop for the calculating virtue signalling Markle mother.

None of this was Archie’s choice, he will be very disappointed when he grows up and he realises what could have been, of how he could have lived a privileged life in the palaces of England and Scotland, of how he could have had a proper English education, and most importantly, how he would not have had to get a job to live a life of hardship and graft.

To see the cringe worthy display of Harry pleading with the Disney boss to give his grifter wife a job as a voiceover in some factory produced CGI template film, was a sad disgraceful denigration that brought up the bile in many who watched it. How sad to see a former member of the Crown touting his wife like that, it was a moment of utter disgusting reduction in status.

Poor Archie will thus be left to the dogs, it will be his future now to get a regular Joe job, maybe he will be a celebrity, but the onus will be on him to provide for his own future, and he will not get the benefits of a royal purse backing him up. Character building, you might say, but will Archie see it that way? Not only will he be denied his royal benefits, he will be denied seeing his royal cousins on a regular basis, or the other members, who no doubt would have words of wisdom to pass down to the growing Archie.

Archie, thus had no say in the matter of the tantrum Meghan and Harry pulled, by extricating the little boy and plonking him into a Canadian wilderness, totally alien to the royal mores required. He will not know Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, in his last years, he will not know Prince Charles or Queen Elizabeth II, instead, they will be strangers 3,800 miles away in a land that his parents detest.

Without a proper education, and protection, and privilege which he is owed, and deserves through his bloodline, Archie may very well grow up to be an angry young man who detests Harry and Meghan, because they took him away from his birthright, they took him away from his real home, they took him away from his real Windsor family.

Thousands of miles away from Britain, Harry and Meghan took poor Archie away from the people who would have adored him, and the people who would have cared for him.

Archie will not forget this blunder, and neither will the British people and Monarchy.

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