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Meghan Reveals Harry Suffers From ‘Post Traumatic Royal Disorder’

VANCOUVER - Canada - Meghan Markle reveals that poor Harry is suffering from Post Traumatic Royal Disorder, after returning from England.

Servant: “Meghan Told Harry If He Ain’t Royal No Mo’ She...

VANCOUVER - Canada - Some news has filtered through about Meghan Markle from one of her former servants working in the freebie mansion.

Former Prince Harry Loving Time in Canada

VANCOUVER - Canada - Former royal, prince Harry is said to be settling down well to married life with his wife Meghan Markle and the kid in his freebie mansion.

How Harry and Meghan Ruined Poor Archie’s Life

ONTARIO - Canada - One forgotten person in the Harry and Meghan fiasco, is their poor son who never had a say in being taken away from his royal Windsor family or country of birth.

Happy Meghan Markle Beams As She Takes Dogs and Archie For...

VANCOUVER - Canada - Meghan Markle has been photographed with a huge smile on her face as she walked her dogs and Archie.

Former Prince Harry Already Spotted Checking Out Canadian Properties

ONTARIO - Canada - Having arrived from Britain today, former royal, Harry has been spotted looking at some Canadian properties already.

Daily Squib Interviews Left Wing Darling Justin Trudeau

MAGGOTTY - Jamaica - The Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau was kind enough to allow our Daily Squib reporter to interview him.

Donald Trump Told Off For Shitting On G7 Summit Table

QUEBEC - Canada - The G7 summit was mired this year after the US president defecated on a luncheon table, and was told off by delegates.

French Waiter Fired For Being Too French

VANCOUVER - Canada - A French waiter has been sacked from a Canadian restaurant for being too French.

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