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Having arrived in Vancouver, Canada after leaving Britain for good, former prince, Harry wasted no time by viewing some prime properties to make a home for his young family.

The couple do not want to stay as a guest of the Russian FSB, and Kremlin operative, who lent them a massive villa for too long, simply because there seems to be too many negative headlines served up if they stay.

“The former prince, now a nobody, wants to live a simple life in the woods with his family. There will only be basic amenities, and the only visitors will be stray grizzlies, but certainly not any Windsors,” Canadian real estate agent, Anita Longhorn, told the Canada Times newspaper.

Especially close to the former royal’s heart is a cabin somewhere deep in the forest located in the Yukon.

“You can only get there by foot, as there are no passable roads, but it is ideal for privacy from the press, as this is what Harry wishes for,” the real estate agent added.

The only problem is that Meghan Markle, craves for the press, and is continually phoning them up to create photoshoots and other headline material.

Is this all going to work out?