Meghan Reveals Harry Suffers From ‘Post Traumatic Royal Disorder’

VANCOUVER - Canada - Meghan Markle reveals that poor Harry is suffering from Post Traumatic Royal Disorder, after returning from England.

harry-post traumatic royal disorder

Back in Canada after the disastrous last visit to England and an unsavoury farewell, Meghan Markle, the former Duchess of Sussex, has revealed that Harry gets the shakes and is suffering from PTRD (Post Traumatic Royal Disorder).

“It usually happens at night. Harry will wake up shouting and sweating like a Catholic priest at a choir boys convention. The sweat is horrible, and he’s shaking like a leaf.

“I then ask him if it was THAT dream again. He always answers ‘yes’.

“It’s always the same dream, he’s at Sandringham, and the whole Windsor family are sitting around the dinner table. Harry is presented with an exquisite feast, and he tentatively asks for the salt. One of the many butlers brings him some salt and even sprinkles his food with it, except he keeps going, then Harry tells the butler ‘that’s enough!’ but he keeps on pouring the salt until his food is completely submerged.

“As the salt keeps coming, more and more, Harry looks down and his nose is just above the salt, he can’t breathe, the salt rises further, all he can hear is everyone laughing, guffawing, blackness, suffocation — and this is when Harry always wakes up!”

What does this recurring nightmarish dream mean?

Countless psychiatrists are trying to cure the poor former prince, but he goes through psychiatrists like a chain smoker goes through lighters.

It has got to such a bad state that Harry now sleeps in a separate room and Meghan sleeps with Archie, which she prefers.