Joe Biden is Eating His Food Now Says Nurse

DELAWARE - USA - Creepy uncle Joe Biden has apparently started eating his mush again according to one of his nurses.

Joe Biden eating his mush
Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden eats his dinner

It’s okay folks, creepy uncle Joe Biden is now eating his food, and is on the road to recovery, after refusing his mush last week.

According to one of his nurses, he has been eating his mush with gusto, and even managed to eat a piece of carrot the other day.

“Creepy uncle Joe Biden has started eating his mush again, and we’re so happy. He keeps on sayin’ that he’s gonna be the next U.S. president, and we all laugh so hard, we just humour the old cooter,” the nurse revealed.

Biden’s campaign manager, Russ Delarusso, thinks he has a chance in beating incumbent Donald Trump, otherwise known to Democrats as ‘the bad orange man’.

“If Joe Biden lives for another few weeks we will see about it, I ain’t promising anything though.”

See you all on Super Sunday.