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Creepy Joe Biden to Have Hands Cuffed and Wear Neck Cone at Public Events

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - They call him the CSPAN Molester, Joe Biden, is running for the 2020 US elections but may be muzzled due to his creepy behaviour towards women and children.


Democratic election enforcers are so fearful of the ‘touchy-feely’ Joe Biden that they have ordered him to be handcuffed and coned at public events and rallies.

“These measures are required because we can’t have this old creepy sleazoid messing our election hopes up. For too long we have tolerated his disturbing behaviour but not anymore,” Angela Rimbaud, told an appreciative CNN reporter, Tuesday.

Joe Biden, former Vice President to America’s first official homosexual president, has a history of touching women and children rubbing his creepy leering face on their body parts.

No tongues please Joe

With campaigning already heating up for the 2020 elections, the Democrats do not need more bad publicity, and have sought to ditch the creep even though he thinks he is a front runner, however for the Republicans, this could be a gift that keeps giving.

Chief Democrat, Nancy Pelosi has now asked for Biden to either be muzzled or to wear a cone over his neck to stop him molesting young children in front of CSPAN audiences.

Despite making a fake apology on Tuesday, by Wednesday Biden was joking to young children that he now had permission from them to touch them inappropriately when the clearly uncomfortable kids had not given consent. In other words, the creep is still at it.

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