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Coronavirus: “People Need to Drop Dead in the Streets For UK Government to Act”

LONDON - England - The UK government's decision not to shut schools to combat coronavirus spread is at odds with other global nations, and at odds with survival of the population in the country.


Purely because of economic reasons, the government is delaying shutting schools and large sports fixtures/gatherings thus allowing the further spread of coronavirus.

A Children’s Ransom

“The government’s stance to delay containment, and allow the virus to spread further and deeper into population centres is the most foolish and irresponsible action committed by any administration in the West, and in history. Their actions will result in even more infections and deaths than ever before, and it will take pictures of people dying in the streets for them to finally notice what is going on,” a key observer revealed on Friday.

Boris Johnson, calmly stated that ‘losing your loved ones’ is an acceptable price to pay so that daily economic activity continues. Sadly, many will accept this, and perish horribly whilst drowning from fluid in their own lungs.

coronavirus dead
Coronavirus: “People Need to Drop Dead in the Streets For UK Government to Act”

The government is falsely modelling their decision on suppositions that the strain in the UK is the mild version and is not the most virulent strain. Other variables they set their model on is that only the over 60s will be affected and that the virus will not mutate even further, as it may already have done, as it moves from region to region.

The government is also not factoring the known information that those already infected, can be re-infected thus causing cytokine storms within the immune system, much like happened during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, where the second wave of infection was the ultimate killer.

A cytokine storm is an overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines), which, in a flu infection, is often associated with a surge of activated immune cells into the lungs. The resulting lung inflammation and fluid buildup can lead to respiratory distress and can be contaminated by a secondary bacterial pneumonia — often enhancing the mortality in patients. SOURCE

The fact is, the NHS would not be able to cope even if the coronavirus infection curve was lowered, and they can barely cope with a mild flu epidemic in most winters, so by letting the COVID-19 infections increase in the population, as the government is doing now, they are actually compounding the problem and increasing the virus’ infection rate.

Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet medical journal, said that ministers were making a “major mistake“. He said: “The UK’s response needs to learn lessons from what happened in China and what is now happening in Italy.”

Dr Simon Ashworth, clinical director for critical care at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, stressed: “They need to take the advice of senior hospital and medical staff and listen to experts. This means closing schools and universities, stopping mass events, cancelling elective surgery to allow all hospitals to upscale preparations and release staff to train and organise our precautions.”

The UK should act immediately to close schools/colleges and limit public infection, or it will reap the unholy rewards of further damage to not only the economy but long-term stability. All international flights must be shut down, and all public transport limited.

Unfortunately, only decisive and preventative decisions will save a population, as countries like Russia have demonstrated, with zero fatalities from the virus. If the UK government does not act now with a shut down, it will lose everything.

The British WW2 Bulldog Brexit Spirit and ‘stiff upper lip’ does work on visible bombs and bullets and EU threats, but it DOES NOT WORK against unseen viruses.

Petition Close Schools/Colleges down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID19.



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