The parliament bill tabled by MP Dominic Grieve and Chancellor Philip Hammond was passed by the House of Lords only after three hours of deliberation.

The new law effectively denies that the so-called largest democratic vote that supposedly took place on June 23, 2016 never happened and the result of the vote to leave the EU is erased from history and all parliamentary record.

Hansard, the official edited verbatim report of proceedings of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords has been ordered to completely erase all record of the EU referendum ever taking place, and the last three years of records shredded.

There were cheers in parliament today in both houses when the new law was instated, and anti-democratic Remain protesters outside parliament all breathed a sigh of relief as in their view, their role had been vindicated.

Prime minister, Theresa May, who encouraged and approved the new bill passing into law was adamant that the EU referendum never existed and has also said the same about the concept of democracy in Britain in 2019.

“The what? EU referendum? Never heard of such a thing. It must be a figment of your imagination. Democracy? What the fuck is that? Never heard of that either.”

All British newspapers and media have also been instructed under the new law to delete all articles relating to that thing that never occurred in 2016 with threats of severe punishment including imprisonment for editors and writing staff.

Under EU Directive 45683-43a we do not know what this article we have just written pertains to and are not liable under the new law to admit this or the subject of the article exists or existed at any time in the past or future.


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