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Britons Now a Defeated People – How EU Soviet Ideology Conquered Britain Without Single Shot Fired

LONDON - England - Soviet ideology, an all pervasive force, infiltrates not only from without but within. This is how Britain was conquered by the EU in one fell swoop without even a single shot being fired.

Selling out your own country to a foreign force for money is now quite the rigueur in parliament as many MPs are now officially and unofficially on the EU payroll. Parliament was easy to corrupt because there are many greedy MPs already on the take in Britain.

Over 45 years of EU indoctrination Britain has steadily become more soviet and undemocratic in its outlook. The people now love their EU prison and any diktats thrown at them however miserable and degrading they accept without question. The two world wars were thus fought for nothing, and Britain lost in the long run.

Historian Miles Gannet, reveals the reason for this soviet conditioning.

“The EU superstate is the recreation of the USSR in Western Europe. They have central committees just like the Russian soviets, and they have unelected officials who dictate policy to other regions which have been conquered by the EU. The EU’s method of conquering nations is purely economical, they effectively threaten the previously democratic country with economic sanctions, trade embargoes, customs delays, financial punishments until they capitulate and surrender. The EU conquers nations from within by infiltrating their parliaments with their paid off agents or utilise vast sums to bribe civil service officials to betray their country and people.

“For 45 years Britain has been under EU law and much of the population are now fully integrated in soviet EU ideology. The people do not know that they are not free, or living under a former sovereign state, they are mostly only interested in travel passes to places like Benidorm and mobile phone roaming charges. Britain’s parliament is a subject of the EU with little or no power any more to do anything for themselves, and they have to put all proposals through Brussels first. It is no more than a serf state under EU communist rule.


“Modern communism, as adopted by China and the EU is essentially one that allows a form of capitalism, but its system of process management and directive implementation is fluidly that of a collectivist communist regime. The EU Commission is run by unelected officials for the EU communist state without any reproach or consequence of their decision-making.

“History books are written by the victors, and what we will see is the history of Britain before the EU conquered the country being erased in the future. The EU will control all literature completely and erase large portions of history that pertain to democratic freedom. They do not want people to get ideas about democracy or freedom, because these are deemed as extremely dangerous.

“Orwell warned us about this possible future in the book, 1984, but what he did not foresee is the fact that Britain would capitulate and surrender to communism so easily. The EU through Article 13, and 11, will effectively erase large portions of the internet and vast libraries which are already disappearing anyway thus sealing its complete control over all thought.

“The future for the nation formerly called Great Britain is one of servitude to a vast economical megalith that dictates all law, and taxation. As just another sector under EU rule, there will be no more Britishness, even our royal family will be assimilated, taxed to the hilt and their budgets cut. For too long the EU has deemed the British royal family a supreme threat to its soviet EU ideology, and they will be cut down to size in a decade to a minimum and their palaces sold off.

“Britons always used to fight for their freedom in the past, but now all there is is corruption, and apathy. People do not care any more, and are not willing to fight for their rights or any semblance of dignity. Now a defeated people, Britons wallow in their cowardice and accept every indignity thrown upon them from their oppressors without even lifting an eyelid as their EU masters laugh at conquering a whole nation without a single shot being fired.”

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