ww2 died for nothing - Brexit betrayal
They died for nothing

The sands of time shift with mysterious inelegance towards defeat for Britain, and the cowardice that soaks the land is silent but deadly.

Tis better to have a cuppa and roll one’s apathetic eyes as freedom flies out the window like a cup of regurgitated vomit, because tomorrow is another day in Brussels land, and not Eng-land.


As the politicians subvert democracy to nothing but a shameful lie, justice, freedom and equality run dry.

Great evil is always allowed to happen because good men stand by and do nothing, and so it is today that Britain is now a land of cowards, a land of lickspittle yellow chickens all clucking around their factory farming instalment where the EU farmers process them to be served up on some Brussels haute cuisine dinner plate inhabited by some vile unelected eurocrat with an unlimited expense account.

If the bets were out, it would be down to the grind, and 100 to 1 that Brexit will never happen now if we only knew how to get the William Hill promo code.

All aspersions of bravery in British history are now fables, mere fairy tales told to brainwashed EU children, because bravery and having a backbone are now far gone, residues of a long lost Briton, now simply a simpering slave with no inkling of who or what they are anymore.

Donkey Britain eu referendum
Donkey Britain

Britons are now lost, their identity is one of servitude to foreign powers, and of cowardice never before witnessed in this grey turd hole of a country beaten from the inside.

Parliamentarians, a dishonourable stench ridden lot who are on the Brussels take, or vying for a key position in the EU when they retire, are not only liars who reneged on honouring the vote result of the EU referendum but are now also feudal lords who have rejected democracy in its entirety.

Among all this betrayal and disgusting display of cowardice, there is only silence from the beaten British people. They accept their fate as much as cattle do on the way to the slaughter house as not one of them had the courage or fortitude to stand up and do something.

Silence is the real killer and it reveals something intrinsically true about modern Britain, of how much the people have been brainwashed to serve their EU masters after 45 years of servitude.


Useless people do not deserve anything apart from derision and disgust, and their fate is now sealed in the annals of history to be swallowed up whole by the EU superstate, to be integrated wholly by the soviet machinery of collectivism, and to suffer a fate worse than death itself by giving away all their rights and sovereign control to a foreign power.

One can only imagine the disdain the great kings and queens of British history would feel if they saw such a bunch of lily-livered cowards as is the case in the country today, or the great generals who fought battles for Britain, or the soldiers who died in all the wars.

Simply present a pile of vomit and a bucket of stinking urine placed under the stained British flag because that is all there is left, and that is all it deserves.

Have another cup of tea you fucking coward, you are not British anymore, you are a stain on the memory of a once brave, great country, you are a failure, a shameful disgrace, you might as well roll over and die now and wallow in your dishonourable cowardice, or go to the cenotaph and defecate all over it — your silence, as this country was completely and utterly defeated, will ensure it.