FSB Building Moscow Jeremy Corbyn Agent Cob Depositphotos_118939048_l-2015
Jeremy Corbyn (Agent Cob) pictured outside the FSB Lubyanka building in Meshchansky District of Moscow, Russia. October, 2017

There is something to be said about a PM who has gone rogue, rejected democracy, embraced Marxist ideology, and is showing signs of serious mental instability like Theresa May is doing in the last months of a crumbling fractured Conservative government.

Constitutional experts for the ‘Formal Undemocratic Conservative Keynesian Education Department’, understand fully what the future movement of politics and economics in the UK will entail.

“The current government under Theresa May is supposed to be Conservative, yet have now aligned with the Marxist ideology of Labour, and Jeremy Corbyn. This alignment is confirmed not only in its alignment with EU policy, but in the alignment of soviet political correctness drives by the former Conservatives and the rejection of democracy by denying the vote of the people in the EU referendum.

“Theresa May and her henchman Philip Hammond, have shown themselves in true form for the first time as Marxists who were masquerading as Conservatives.

“What does this alignment with the Marxist doctrines of the Labour government mean for the former Conservative party? It is inevitable that the party in its new form will not exist anymore due to its transformation, and many in the party will feel abandoned and leave tovintage-Labour-poster-Corbyn-s-ideas-are-prevailing360 form actual conservative political parties. Theresa May and her rejection of democratic values as well as rejection of conservatism will ensure the split and destruction of the Conservative party forever.

Storming the bourgeois palace

“By aligning herself with Corbyn, May has brought a newly formed legitimacy to Jeremy Corbyn and his staunch Marxist political outlook. This legitimacy will foment in new political alliances and electoral wins for Labour, who have been courted by May.

“Furthermore, May’s intransigence and failings to uphold the vote of the people in the EU Referendum will bring forth a democratic deficit to the United Kingdom, devaluing its institutions and its justice system to one of undemocratic authoritarian totalitarianism. The former Conservative party under May has already lost vast numbers of grassroots voters, as well as increased MP resignations. More will follow severely damaging the party, as many voters have vowed to never vote Conservative ever again after the undemocratic Brexit betrayal by Theresa May and her cohorts of Marxists.

“When Corbyn forms his new government after winning the next general election through the sheer numbers in the UK who now subscribe to communism, Theresa May and her former Cabinet and advisers will all be given key roles in either the Labour or EU political entities. The remaining minority conservatives will have to either form new political parties or drop out of politics altogether as they will be marginalised.

“The UK is now seeing a major shift to embracing full communism as its all encompassing ideology, this is seen with the alignment with the EU and Labour party. Once Corbyn is in power, he will begin to implement the 10-year-plan. Mass nationalisation, and a process of collectivisation where wealth will be redistributed to the lower echelons. There will be an increase in welfare state mechanics, and an increase in governmental departments for all sectors. One part of the ten-year-plan will be vast building initiatives to bring housing to millions of welfare recipients by building over greenbelt land and an increase in migration, to ensure Labour never has a deficit in voters ever again. This embracing of immigrationCorbyn Soviet 360 will need more free housing, thus pushing Britain’s already faltering economy to the limit. Whilst increasing cheap housing stock for millions of welfare recipients and migrants at great cost to the taxpayer, Corbyn will introduce punitive property taxes for those over a certain threshold including mansion taxes that will punish the richest. Interest rate hikes will also serve to punish millions of Britons, thus increasing costs on everyday items like food, fuel and utility rates. The royal family will bear the brunt of the punishment with budgets cut by over 80% leaving them with vast debts, so their palaces can be repatriated to the people and turned into public places to be soiled and invaded. Lesser royals will have to either get jobs or join the welfare state.

“Thanks to Theresa May destroying the Conservative party and democracy in Britain, it is almost a dead cert that Jeremy Corbyn will be in power for the next 10-20 years.”