Lords Thwart Brexit: Prepare For Civil War

LONDON - England - Blood will run in the streets if the Lords dare to thwart the will of the people as mandated on June 23 2016 with the EU referendum.


As the people, pitchforks in hand parade the heads of Remoaners on pikes, the shouts of justice will be heard one way or another.

The Crown is for Brexit, the people of Britain are for Brexit and yet it is being thwarted at every turn, whether by collaborators to the enemy from within the ranks or from unelected socialist peers who paid to get their seats in the House of Lords.

You cannot play with a people’s freedom like this, like some petty game to bargained with by the likes of treasonous traitors, Mandelson and Blair.

Enough is enough, if one pulls the rubber band too far it eventually snaps, and so shall the people.

There will be no end to the disenchantment from the majority of the British population, if it takes a hundred years of riots, if it takes ten thousand referendums, we will never change our minds about the toxic EU.

One thing that has become apparent since the EU referendum is the amount of traitors that lie within this Isle. Those who would sell their country for a pittance, and those that collaborate with Britain’s enemies without flinching.

This country has now many enemies within, and Remainers, if they were around in 1941, and we had lost the Battle of Britain would have welcomed the Nazis with open arms. Remainers are lickspittle treacherous quisling scum who deserve no mercy.

There will be no respite to the war coming, for this will be one so vicious and nasty that it will be noted in historical reference books for children to read in the schools of the future.

The soiled smouldering embers of the House of Lords, adorned with the heads of traitors awaits.

Before the gunpowder fuse is lit, think for one second of what you are doing.

If you want war, the people welcome it, now is the time for real change, and if it means trampling over the mangled remains of Remainers, so mote it be, with open arms.