Remainers Sajid Javid and Hammond Behind Business Rates Rise

LONDON - England - The staunch Remainers, Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, are behind the massive hike in business rates.


Not content with shrinking Toblerones and multiple supermarket products getting the anti-Brexit treatment, the scum behind Project Fear are maliciously turning the economic screw on the people.

There is a concerted effort not only in the High Street to punish the populace over the Brexit decision but now the business rates rise is falling on many business owners threatening to shut them down permanently. Javid and dog strangler Heseltine are two names that come to mind when engineering the business rates fiasco.

The two pronged attack is being orchestrated by Remainers in the Cabinet and corporate manufacturers who are taking their orders from Brussels.

One always suspects Theresa May, who has nonchalantly stood by for months whilst plotters regrouped and made further plans to thwart Brexit, she herself was a key Remainer, and still receives consultation from chief Remainers within the Conservative and Labour party.

There is no end to the treachery, and it will continue until a real solution is found.