Why Your Words Do Not Mean Anything Any More

NOOSPHERE - The internet is full of words, billions, trillions, gazillions of words all ordered somehow into what the authors of these words think is important.


The more you have the less it means. The discussion ends as soon as the copycatters come onto the scene making any conversation null and void.

The same goes for YouTube videos. There is nothing of value on YouTube today apart from a few instructional functional videos. The conversation is lost amongst a maelstrom of meaningless banal pap, spammers and copycats pathetically begging for subscribers and likes.

The Internet may have been the greatest invention by humans ever created, however it has also been humanity’s worst enemy, because it has trivialised meaning in everything.

Car crashes come a dime a dozen, women come a dime a dozen, friends come by the million, and your opinion does not count any more. With billions of people vying for attention at the same time, the Internet light, the Internet all seeing eye and Spotlight does not know where to look any more. There is no stasis point, no logical algorithm that can pinpoint the truth any more.

Bertrand Russell once said that in the future the people will be so controlled, so dumbed down that they will be taught that snow is black and will believe it wholeheartedly. We are in that future now, where people have been dumbed down by decades of socialist propaganda, and conditioning, they not only do not know who they are any more but can be told pretty much anything without them questioning.

If the earth were to explode today, the universe would carry on, there would be no change to the functioning of the universal planetary tree. If the Internet were to disappear suddenly today, only a few people would understand why it had to happen. It won’t though, so you are all safe for now.

There is no meaning to your words any more, and the more you write, the less people care. People cannot be bothered to read or think about big questions, they just want to watch meaningless pap, videos that stimulate their frazzled brains for three seconds before moving on to the next meaningless vapid video clip.

There is no answer as the connections, the dendrites, the axions, the overall technical way you think has been altered permanently by the Internet.

When the microchip implant is introduced, you will already be prepared. Your thought processes and pliable personality, conditioned after many years of Internet usage will accept the chip wholeheartedly.

From there, you will be nothing, your mind will be theirs completely, and from there you will be enslaved for the rest of your meaningless life as much as you are now on the Internet.