House of Lords to be Made into Art Gallery

LONDON – England – After a number of calls to cull the outdated House of Lords and multiple petitions, the government is considering making the Lords an art gallery showing both classical and contemporary works of art.

“We already have a nice wide space and although the lighting needs a little work, we can achieve a wonderful gallery for the works of art to languish and the public to enjoy,” senior curator, Miles Spencer told the BBC.

The second largest unelected political group next to China, the House of Lords costs taxpayers £100 million per year and frankly does not contribute anything to the country.

“The House of Lords is basically a parasitical group of freeloaders who do not do anything good for the nation, and these parasites only take, they are paid so much money for not doing anything that they are completely useless unelected arseholes,” one parliament insider revealed.

Although the art gallery installation will be free for the public to attend, there will be a restaurant and cafe as well as shop for revenue.

“No one will miss the Lords, and a functioning gallery will be a true service to the public and Westminster as a whole. We have already produced a White paper on the proposal and the final decision will be implemented without the consent of the Lords, who will have no say on anything from now on. As a member of the Commons, I can’t wait to come and see some great works of art after parliamentary sessions in what used to be the House of Lords, maybe some Monet, Picasso, or Rembrandt, as opposed to some dour unelected meddling overpaid useless prat called a Lord,” an elected member of the House of Commons added.