Romney U.S. Election Debate: “Boy, You Gotta Know Your Place”

HEMPSTEAD - USA - Mitt Romney attempted to assert his plantation owner dominance over an Obama rebellion on Tuesday night's second U.S. Election debate.

“Hold your horses boy, now go on git, we let you in the house for a while but you ain’t proved yourself, I say, you ain’t proved yourself because your record ain’t showing me that you been spending yo massa’s money well. I predict that soon you’re gonna be sleepin’ back in the stables with the rest of your kin folk,” Romney said.

Obama’s Rebellion

Obama kept his cool throughout the onslaught and even answered back with a calm collected tone, emphasising his mastery of the white man’s rhetoric and oratory.

“We don’t take kindly to that kind of aggressive behaviour from Obama, now he better pipe down or I’m gonna have to crack the whip,” Romney warned during the 45 minute debate.

The threats from Romney fell on deaf ears as Obama continued answering back with a vengeance that obviously riled Romney.

An observer at the debate noted: “Romney came short of offering Obama 40 acres and a mule just to get him off his back and barely asserted his dominance over Obama’s onslaught. You gotta hand it to Obama, this was one cool performance and he came back with some pretty mean one liners that made the Republican look like a prize ass.”