Scientists Breed First Ever Miniature Great White Sharks

MIAMI - USA - The Great White shark is one of the most fearsome creatures swimming around our oceans and the adult Carcharodon carcharias can grow to over 25 feet. Scientists have now bred mini Great Whites that only grow to 4 inches length as adults.

“The miniature Great Whites are still just as deadly and can give you a nasty nip on the finger. We filled a whole tub full of these things and you should’ve seen the feeding frenzy when we dropped a bucket of chum in there,” professor Dean Queluude, told National Geographic magazine.

Some are questioning the relevance of such research and if playing with nature in such a way can in fact damage the food chain as well as evolution.

“We have bred thousands of mini Great White sharks, and our next project is to breed mini elephants. They will be like the bonsai creatures of the wild, an ultimate statement on how far we have come in science, to genetically alter nature to such a level that we can achieve almost anything,” the professor added.

The mini Great White sharks (Pusillus carcharodon carcharias) will however not be released into the wild as they could cause an immediate change to nature’s fragile eco system.

They are however already being sold in aquariums worldwide as a great addition to the many different types of tropical fish already available to enthusiasts.