Scientists Breed First Ever Miniature Great White Sharks

MIAMI - USA - The Great White shark is one of the most fearsome creatures swimming around our oceans and the adult Carcharodon carcharias can grow to over 25 feet. Scientists have now bred mini Great Whites that only grow to 4 inches length as adults.

“The miniature Great Whites are still just as deadly and can give you a nasty nip on the finger. We filled a whole tub full of these things and you should’ve seen the feeding frenzy when we dropped a bucket of chum in there,” professor Dean Queluude, told National Geographic magazine.

Some are questioning the relevance of such research and if playing with nature in such a way can in fact damage the food chain as well as evolution.

“We have bred thousands of mini Great White sharks, and our next project is to breed mini elephants. They will be like the bonsai creatures of the wild, an ultimate statement on how far we have come in science, to genetically alter nature to such a level that we can achieve almost anything,” the professor added.

The mini Great White sharks (Pusillus carcharodon carcharias) will however not be released into the wild as they could cause an immediate change to nature’s fragile eco system.

They are however already being sold in aquariums worldwide as a great addition to the many different types of tropical fish already available to enthusiasts.

  • Brad

    I think this is amazing like it could easily be done. Where do I get one and how much does it cost? Take my money!!!!

  • Isaiah Lee

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeeee looks like some Photoshop google shark picture

  • ElliotJKlein

    Bull sheets…or maybe miniature bull! Oh right, Dean Qualude!

  • Chris

    Interesting idea, but sadly there is no shark that you can find that size, let alone a great white. Unless you want to get a 1,000 gallon aquarium, even small sharks like black tips, are pretty much out of reach as pets.

  • cody

    this is bull.. you guys really believe this?….

  • Aimie

    I am with David i want you so bad and i all ready have a tank? Someone help me out

  • cool kid

    i have been looking to buy a mini Great White for some time now, i finally get my parnet to say yea. Then even got a tank now i need find out how get one!

  • Talia

    I'd like to empty a tub of these mini sharks into a public swimming pool somewhere. Where can I get them?

  • lovelysharks

    wow, that IS amazing..

  • Thomas

    Honestly I hate Sharks but this small white sharks is really good looking.

  • jm

    I think this may be a survey of sort IQ perhaps?

  • Mikes

    Look at the Lion Fish issue in the Caribbean. If this is even true, someone will eventually release them into the ocean.

  • Robbie C.

    O Woooh I want me a pet Great White does anyone know when they're coming to the shops? I heard from someone maybe June next year I cant wait that long tho!!!!?!? Waaaaah!!!!!!

  • Harri

    This does bring up an important issue. Not wanting pets to be released in to the wild does not amount to anything: "The Great White mini sharks will not be released in to the wild". There are many cases of aquaculture or pet escape in to wild populations and the detrimental effect they have, especially with highly active predators. Such as aquarium trade in lion fish, which is currently clearing many tropical waters of native fish that are not adapted to its tactics. Don't flush your aquarium fish down the toilet people!

  • NivagRolyan

    All very well, but do they glow in the dark? I want a set of geneticlly engineered "miniature glow in the dark vertebrates". [Think, 4 inch glow in the dark elephants, 6 inch glow in the dark white sharks]

  • BIG AL

    OPINIONS are like ASSHOLES everybody has one J.T so where can i get a breeding pair

  • Serotonin

    How do these expect these not to be released into the wild already being sold in aquariums worldwide?? seems very irresponsible

  • Rodger

    What a load of bollocks. It makes me sick to see science be abused like this!! How much did they pay those frickin scientists????

  • I think it is a load of croc !

    I think it is a load of croc ! and ,Mini Elephants ? your kidding …

  • GK

    This isn't real is it?

  • Ilona Urbanski

    I am sure there will be lawsuits when people have their fingers bitten off. That girl in the photo is in danger@@@

  • luke

    and what if they are released into the wild? Are these so-called sientists THAT stupid?

  • Dan Ingram

    I want to put these in a swimming pool to see what happens? I went to my local aquarium to day and they said they never heard about em. Maybe it too early?

  • David C. Powell

    Please where can I get one.. ?

  • John – Texas

    I would never allow my 9year old play with a great white however small this is irresponsible science to go along with the irresponsible parents who allow their kids to keep such pets.

  • uio