Could November 6 Be U.S. Election Riot Night?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The divisions are great in America, and the pressure is growing daily. How much can the people take? How long can the U.S. election kettle boil until the steam is finally released?

“Look at the November 6 elections as an elastic band. How far can you pull that thing before it snaps? If Obama wins, you’re going to get some seriously pissed off people, if Romney wins you’re going to get some pretty pissed off people,” a citizen of Philadelphia told CNBC news.

The divisive nature of the elections is pitting Americans against Americans, people who are neighbours, people who you go to work with, even families are split. The populations are rooting for their champion, but what if their hero loses. Could there be major riots across America? How come Homeland Security recently purchased literally tonnes of hollow point ammunition. America is a tinderbox of weaponry waiting to go off.

“You can smell the gasoline in the air, all it will take is one spark and then we got gun city on our ass. We’re talking fireworks here that will be able to be viewed from space,” a Los Angeles resident told local news stations.

People are generally frustrated by the government, and one does not need a poll to see that, just look at the Tea Party movement and Occupy Wall Street and blacks being pitted against whites. These factions are poles apart and the fracture across America is getting larger and larger every day.

Naturally, if Mitt Romney wins the U.S. election come November 6 there will be calls of racism, and calls that the election was rigged. The ensuing race war and riots would cover the whole country. Black people are restless. If Obama wins there will be recriminations for ethnic minorities and black people as well as Liberals, as well as calls of reverse racism and cheating. The all powerful U.S. Israeli lobby does not want Obama re-elected and will do anything in its power to halt his re-election. The deep sense of frustration and malaise felt by the long suffering American people could very well spill over into violence, riots and urban combat. Even though the Federal government, as well as State legislature have probably factored in some form of unrest on election result night, there may not be enough resources to deal with the explosive nature of the people’s frustration and ultimate destructive discontent.

The American people are like the San Andreas fault that goes under major Californian cities. The tectonic plates are being pulled under and under until one day, they’re going to snap back up causing a major race war earthquake. With gasoline prices rising daily under Obama, the threat of huge tax rises and a deeply unpopular spending plan, as well as possible plans to curb gun ownership in his second term, Obama is looking increasingly isolated. As for the underdog, Romney, he is viewed as a champion of business and he seems to know how to balance the books, but is also viewed as a religious right wing freak, unpopular with women because of his anti-abortionist stance and anti-homosexual views and unpopular with blacks purely because he is white and threatens to take away foodstamps. This does not endear him to the Liberals.

What are you going to do when the supermarket shelves are empty? Who are you going to call on your brand new iphone when the networks go down? How are you going to pay for things when the ATM is empty and the banks have shutters?

Election night on November 6 is a crossroads because it will determine the destiny of the United States, do they take the right path or the wrong path? Whichever way the election goes, there could be major riots in all American cities as the people meet to sort things out themselves. There will be calls of ‘Voter Fraud’ and ‘Election Fraud’, ‘Election Cheating’ and ‘Diebold Voter Fraud’. The riots will be symbolic as much as 911 was to the enlightened ones, and they may well be a signal that America may be introducing its second revolution to world history to finally sort out a system that is rotten to the core.

“If you can’t make things right in the ballot box, then you go to the streets, that’s where real justice is meted out,” a Capitol Hill insider revealed.