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Black People Embracing Romney Vote

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Has the Obama spell been broken? Has he already lost the White House? Many African Americans are now saying that they have lost faith in him and are going for Romney.

It’s not just the odd rapper and black celebrity speaking up and endorsing Romney. The everyday man and woman is getting up and speaking up against Obama, who they feel has abandoned their community and cause.

Don’t Vote For the Brother

Cleandro Washington, who is a black spokesman for a group that opposes Obama said: “Romney is a businessman, pure and simple. Obama is an amateur when it comes to finance and unfortunately for him, America needs Romney right now. He may be Mormon but who cares, I don’t care if he worships Beelzebub, or Jesus, what he knows is how to get Americans working, get the economy moving again, get taxes down for small business people, encourage growth. Obama is a spender, and when the deficit gets too big and he spends like crazy, he decides to tax people into oblivion. One thing he does not realise is that taxation kills growth, and business needs to hire people, not let people go. When people are employed they spend more in the economy, and the USA will be prosperous once again. If Obama wins, we have another four years of spending, of socialist doctrines, of wastage, of big government and some hefty Obama tax increases coming into effect this January. Don’t support Obama just because he’s black, look at what he has done for us. Nothing! Sweet F*cking nothing! Europe is an example of how socialism works, it destroys the private sector and all that is left to flourish is the state, employing 80% of the workforce and a bloated welfare system that encourages laziness, dependency and apathy. This kills the economy, to have such a big government because it gives nothing back, it just takes and takes. Who is going to pay the huge gold-plated pensions of the state workers? Who is going to pay the vast welfare and social security bills? This is why the EU will be in permanent recession for the next twenty to thirty years. It will be a controlled decline, because the socialists only know how to spend other people’s money, and when that runs out, they tax heavily. France’s socialist prime minister, Francois Hollande is a prime example of the futility of socialist behaviour when it comes to the economy. He is introducing a 75% tax for high earners, which will effectively halt the French economy to a standstill soon enough and take it further into the mire.”

Time is Up Obama Had His Chance

Many African Americans across the nation saw Romney during the first US presidential election debate as a decisive speaker showing a plan to lift America’s economy up from the disaster of Obama’s economic wasteland.

“Obama now has no mandate, nigga looked weak up there, he looked pathetic, he looked tired and he looked like a man who has already lost. His domineering wife must have given him a good ass whooping when they got to the White House afterwards,” Darnell Shaquinta, a disappointed former Obama voter told CBN news network.

Many African Americans are slowly waking up to the fact that Obama has done nothing for them, with record black unemployment, record black poverty and Obama spending US taxpayers’ cash on a bogus stimulus to make trillion dollar deficits, they want to know where the money goes. Because it sure is not trickling down to them.

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