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Greek Grand Prix Cars Run For Twenty Minutes Before Taking Hour Long Breaks

PIRAEUS - Greece - The Greeks plan on staging F1 Grand Prix racing in their ailing country despite the fact that thousands of Greeks are starving and the economy is in freefall.

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“We’re starving, we have no jobs, no future and we owe the Germans shit loads of cash. So we thought we’d spend hundreds of millions of euros that we do not have building an expensive motor circuit that will fall into disrepair like our Olympic venues,” Stavros Malakas, Sports minister for Greece told Greek news outlets yesterday.

The Greek Grand Prix will cost over 350 million euros, and this will be a great chance to introduce the new Greek racing car to world motor sport fans.

“The Greek Grand Prix car will run on ouzo and only runs for twenty minutes at a time then it takes a few hours off, and after that it is ready to run at half speed, approximately 30 mph. There is a four hour tyre change in the pits while the driver has a siesta before retiring early,” a proud Mr Malakas told waiting sports reporters.

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