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New Vintage Scooby Doo Episode Discovered

LEEDS - England - The lost episode was discovered at the home of late BBC DJ Sir Jimmy Savile, and will be auctioned for charity next month.

Speaking from Jimmy Savile’s home, auctioneer Barbera Hanna, said: “First shot is of the gang in a diner drinking malt shakes and joking around. It’s a typical Scooby Doo plot line, the Scooby crew then fly to Leeds, England and jump in the Mystery Machine. Their mission is to find a strange monster stalking hospitals, Top of the Pops and entertainment shows looking for young kids to fiddle with. The Scooby gang try and stop the monster but the NHS and BBC, as well as people high up in the police and administration keep telling them to leave the monster alone. Naturally in the end Scooby and Shaggy, doped up on Scooby snacks finally get the balls to whack the monster on the head with a record player and he falls down. When they unmask the horrible kiddie fiddler monster, they uncover the face of Sir Jimmy Savile, who says, ‘If it weren’t for you pesky kids, I would have got away with it.’ and that is the end of this lost Scooby episode.”

The episode of Jimmy Savile’s Scooby Doo will thankfully never be shown to the public because to see Savile’s vile leering face any more on telly would be a terrible crime in itself. The episode will instead be auctioned off to the highest bidder, the money given to a children’s charity, then destroyed.

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