Cameron: "Britons to Have Referendum on Whether to Have Referendum"

BIRMINGHAM - England - Speaking at the Conservative party's conference, prime minister David Cameron told everyone that he would agree to the British people having a referendum on a referendum of a possible referendum about a referendum for Britain's EU membership some time eventually in the distant far future.

“If I am elected again as your chief liar, I may consider a referendum for the people of Britain on a referendum of a referendum within a referendum of a referendum some time possibly towards the end of my next elected term. We must consider that I am dedicated to giving the people of Britain a say on whether we have a referendum within a referendum within a referendum, if it is the last referendum I prescribe to the plebiscite. Remember that first the voters have to vote me in before I even consider the referendum of referendum within a referendum of a referendum,” Mr Cameron said to the assembled Conservatives at the conference.

Mr Cameron also went on to outline his plans for the referendum within a referendum on the referendum.

“The referendum that will eventually happen, maybe by 2025 will be a referendum on whether we should hold a referendum, which will be followed by another direct referendum post referendum yet preceding the previous referendum on a referendum.”