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SNP: Repeating Supposed Generational Referendums on a Whim is NOT Democracy

GLASGOW - Scotland - The SNP abusing generational referendums purely for a political agenda is not democracy.

Experts: EU Wants to Know What’s in Your Will For Very...

LONDON - England - Britain survived and won two world wars but its ultimate defeat will come from within as our political masters sell us to our age old foes for a very low price.

Cameron: "Britons to Have Referendum on Whether to Have Referendum"

BIRMINGHAM - England - Speaking at the Conservative party's conference, prime minister David Cameron told everyone that he would agree to the British people having a referendum on a referendum of a possible referendum about a referendum for Britain's EU membership some time eventually in the distant far future.

Next European Fascist Leader Waiting in Wings As Euro Crisis Deepens

BERLIN - Germany - Chancellor Merkel's days are numbered, as are the weak unelected technocrats amongst the fractured eurozone countries. A new leader will be borne from the ashes of EU crisis, as Hitler and Mussolini came into power, so too will the next leader.

Cameron Forgot EU Referendum Paper at Pub

CADSDEN - England - A mix-up after a family lunch meant the EU Referendum papers were left alone at the Plough Inn in Cadsden 'for about 15 minutes'

Euro Will Only Work If Britain Is Head of Single EU...

LONDON - England - The European project can only work if the UK is at the forefront of the single currency and EU government.

Cameron: "Scotland is Key to Britain Joining Euro Currency"

LONDON - England - David Cameron is planning a backdoor entry to the euro currency via Scotland, it has been revealed.

The French Surrender Easily But Will the British?

PARIS - France - Anyone who walks through the beautiful leafy boulevards of Paris will realise one thing -- they are perfectly intact. Not one single bomb was dropped on the French capital during World War II, for a very good reason, the French simply surrendered to Hitler's Nazis without a fight, the same can be said today in the EU.

Robert Mugabe Invites David Cameron to Zimbabwe

HARARE - Zimbabwe - British PM David Cameron has been invited on a state visit to the East African country as a guest of Robert Mugabe.

Traitor Cameron Attends Palace Charged With High Treason

LONDON - England - The PM has been summoned in shackles to Buckingham palace today and may be charged with the Treason act of 1351, 1702 and 1708.

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