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Next European Fascist Leader Waiting in Wings As Euro Crisis Deepens

BERLIN - Germany - Chancellor Merkel's days are numbered, as are the weak unelected technocrats amongst the fractured eurozone countries. A new leader will be borne from the ashes of EU crisis, as Hitler and Mussolini came into power, so too will the next leader.

The Euro crisis is a breeding ground for fascism, as Daily Mail columnist, Melanie Phillips’s column will scream out the desire for a new right wing leader to squash all immigrants into the dirt, so too are thousands of others hoping for a new leader.

Under crisis, all pretence of democracy is removed from the equation. The EU is in deep crisis and weak so-called leaders like Herman Van Rompuy cannot do anything apart from stand in the headlights, dazzled like a deer about to be hit by a 4×4.

The new fascist leader is now waiting in the wings, biding his time, he will emerge with great glory and bring massive prosperity to the EU. Hitler built the Autobahns and gave every German a job, so too will the next leader, under the disguise of industry, he will bring back prosperity to the EU and lift it up as one singular entity to conquer all.

Hitler’s Reich failed to achieve its goal because of overt military action which was met with even more military force, the current EU, however is achieving more than he could dream of doing purely on an economic basis. Not one shot has been fired by the controlling German EU arm, and yet it has conquered whole nations solely by clever economics and politics. The last push will have to be military though, to finally seal the fate of the conquered nations and maybe finish the UK off once and for all.

“Cameron has helped us greatly by reducing the effectiveness of the British army and denying the British people a referendum on Europe. The previous Labour government helped us fracture the populations of Britain with vast immigration pushes. These effective methods have divided Britain and weakened it; coupled with enormous economic losses thanks to Gordon Brown, there is no room for the Brits to manoeuvre any more. They have been efficiently emasculated and prepped for slaughter,” a faceless EU bureaucrat revealed on French television yesterday.

The European Union is already a fascist state albeit with elements of collectivist communistic ideologies. The EU’s next step will bring into force a singular EU military force comprised of military components from all eurozone countries. This force will be similar to the Armeeabteilung and Waffen SS who will be ready for operations at any time.

“One must realise that out of chaos, the new leader will bring order. He will be financed by the bankers who created the economic crisis in the first place. Ordo ab Chao as they say in certain darkened rooms,” an EU commentator told Euronews today.

What happens after the new EU fascist leader comes into view is another matter. By that time, there could be fully fledged global conflict with Russia and China on one side and a North American union on the other. The EU, strategically, is bang in the middle of all, and this will either be a hindrance or a gift.

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  1. Why can't the eurozone leaders sort their mess out! It's driving me insane!
    Why can't they announce something like the following:-

    1. That as a temporary emergency measure the ECB will be authorised to print and distribute money as directed by the Eurozone leaders, led by Germany & France.
    2. That the Greek bailout will cease as it is not working and a waste of money.
    3. That the new money will be used to compensate (say 70%) of the money banks etc will lose when Greece goes bust.
    4. That Greece will obviously be leaving the Eurozone.

    Unfortunately IMHO the main problem is Greece. If the Greek problem did not exist the other Countries problems could be solved. Greece may be a small country but the problem with it is not only is the debt massive (around £40,000 per person I think) but their politicians are simply not trusted. This is a very important point. Even with politicians that were trusted it would be a very tall order. But with ones that are not trusted there is NO CHANCE AT ALL of them ever paying back what they owe. So the bottom line is they will have to be left to default. They will default IMHO without a doubt. Just a matter of when.
    All IMHO.

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