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Why Obama Has to Finish His American European Project

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Barack Obama is only part through the project he embarked on when he begun his presidency -- the Europeanization of America.

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“We want to be like Europe, a socialist Marxist bloc which has huge taxation, huge welfare spending and bureaucracy up the ass. America is well on the way, thanks to my policies to become a copy of Europe. Soon you will have European taxes, European prices, European surveillance, European bureaucracy and European health care. Socialism is the only answer for Americans, because it has been proven that Capitalism creates rich people if you work hard; we don’t want rich people, we want everyone to be poor. We want the system to be like Europe so that if you work hard, you’re still poor. We want to take your wealth and redistribute it to the welfare people. We want half of Mexico on U.S. food stamps, we want illegal immigrants to come to the U.S. from Latin America and be given everything at your expense. What about weapons in America? Well, the new European America will have no citizens holding weapons, no siree, if we find one on you, you go to prison folks. Don’t be shooting anymore, we want you unarmed, because the only people who will be armed will be the tyranny, us, my man Eric Holder will make damn sure he will have you people disarmed if it’s the last thing he does. I give him full authority to disarm America. There will be no more Batman shooters, because the kids won’t be able to get their mail order guns any more. America must be disarmed just like the Europeans have been disarmed, mentally as well as physically. The European people are a beaten people, a cowardly people who stood by as they were overrun by a tyrannical EU socialist state. America will be the same, because we hypnotised you to stop and not do anything. You will take your orders and smile about it. We want you to be cowards like the Europeans. Yellow Jello European coward people not fit to lick the dog turd off Merkel’s boot heel. You wanted change folks, the new Socialist America, where there will be European Austerity/Poverty, total subjugation, total control and disarmament will be your change. I have no regard for you, the American people, because you will become gutless cowards just like the European people are just so that you can keep some of your goodies. You will be nameless, voteless and paying huge costs for everyday goods like fuel, food and utilities. Just look at the new Socialist government in France where the rich are now paying 75% taxation on all earnings. They do not want people to prosper in France, everyone is to be poor, so too will America. Your American Dream does not mean shit, especially to a Marxist like me. We will give your wealth to the ghettos, to the illegal immigrants, to the lazy, to the feckless, just like the European welfare system. Say goodbye to your wealth as I introduce so much taxation that you will not have any tea left to dump in f*cking Boston harbour. Say goodbye to it all, for you know you WILL vote for me. I have already fooled the blacks to vote for me, now the Hispanics will vote for me as I make false promises for them in the next election. Promises I will of course not keep like the other bullsh*t I told y’all last time. I will be voted in, and the predominantly white Republican Americans are in the minority now. You are finished, when I get a second term I will crush you all once and for all. I will put you all in a room and force Nancy Pelosi to undress in front of you and wave her mangy cooty over their shocked faces. You Republicans, are going to be no more, you have been overrun, you have been emasculated. It is impossible for Romney to win against me because I have mobilised the voters against him through means that he will never be able to understand,” Obama told CNN in the White House’s Rose Garden on Tuesday.

After the president’s speech in the Rose Garden, there were cheers and applause as all assembled praised Obama for his wonderful words.

Already, sentiment towards Obama is increasing for the better across America and his following especially in key states is rising daily.

“We got this one in the bag. There’s something about Americans wanting their presidents finishing the job they set out to do. We gave G.W Bush a second chance to ruin America’s standing and economy, so we will give Barack Hussein Obama a second chance to do the same. We want him to complete his mission,” an Obama supporter told CBS news.

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