Romney Not Ready For US Presidency

LONDON - England - Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has accepted that he is not ready for the U.S. Presidency in an interview for NBC.

“I, I, I, d-d-d-don’t think I’m ready to be president yet,” the presidential un-hopeful told NBC reporter Carl Ebert, before shuffling off the screen.

During his trip to London, the former Massachusetts governor, visited Number10 Downing Street to see British PM David Cameron even though he did not know who he was.

The timid Mitt Romney has never been out of the United States before, so this trip to London must be quite nerve racking for him.

“Poor chap looked lost. He, like most Americans does not even realise that there is a whole world out there. He has never been out of the USA and he must be trembling with fear at the newness of it all. I hope he has better geography skills than that other Republican, Sarah Palin,” a Whitehall official told the Telegraph.

One thing is for sure, one guy was watching the proceedings from Washington with a huge smile on his face.

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