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If You Don’t Get the Hispanic Vote You Lose

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Romney's sad attempts at bronzing up with a fake tan sadly went awry as his election loss is testament to how much the Hispanic vote is important in North America.

U.S. Elections: Vote Obamney!

NEW YORK - USA - US vote activist, Daryl Crescent has come up with a novel idea for the U.S. elections on November 6.

U.S. Election: Will Dimpled Chads Rear Their Ugly Heads Again?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Election experts are getting ready with their magnifying glasses again for those dimpled chads during the election voter count.

God Particle Found in Book of Mormon Says Romney

UTAH - USA - On a recent pilgrimage to the holy city of Mormon, Salt lake City, presidential candidate Mitt Romney extolled the virtues of his religion and revealed how the God particle is actually in the bible of Joseph Smith.

Romney U.S. Election Debate: “Boy, You Gotta Know Your Place”

HEMPSTEAD - USA - Mitt Romney attempted to assert his plantation owner dominance over an Obama rebellion on Tuesday night's second U.S. Election debate.

Could November 6 Be U.S. Election Riot Night?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - The divisions are great in America, and the pressure is growing daily. How much can the people take? How long can the U.S. election kettle boil until the steam is finally released?

Black People Embracing Romney Vote

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Has the Obama spell been broken? Has he already lost the White House? Many African Americans are now saying that they have lost faith in him and are going for Romney.

Dems Tell Obama to Get Permanent Teleprompter Helmet

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Distraught Democrats were today scrambling to recover some lost ground after president Barack Hussein Obama's routing on Wednesday night by Mitt Romney was not saved by a teleprompter.

Mitt Romney Banned From Air Force One

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has been banned from flying on Air Force One by Pentagon officials.

Madonna Fires Assistant After Misspelling Obama on Her Back

TEL AVIV - Israel - Madonna has spectacularly fired her assistant who misspelled Obama's name on her back during an impromptu performance in the Israeli city.

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