If You Don’t Get the Hispanic Vote You Lose

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Romney's sad attempts at bronzing up with a fake tan sadly went awry as his election loss is testament to how much the Hispanic vote is important in North America.

Fifty thousand Hispanic people turn 18 every month in America leaving dreams of another Republican government coming any time soon floundering in the dust like some lonely border town.

“Romney tried to put on his fake tan and wear a sombrero but it ain’t going to fly. The Hispanics are an integral part of the American population explosion. They are hard working people with a huge impetus to breed, and breed, and breed. While the predominately white Republican demographic is not breeding, and losing their foothold in North America, the Hispanics are increasing their population daily. The population explosion combines elements of the Catholic religion, family values and desire to spread their population far and wide,” a population expert at the University of Deleware, Professor Ron Jablinski, told CNN.

In a country where it is not even necessery by law to show ID at a polling station, one only has to realise the possibilities of artificially skewing the numbers for your candidate; this coupled with the massive mobilisation of the Hispanics is a surefire winning technique.

The Republicans will have to wait for another four years to unleash their secret weapon, and only then will they possible get in again.