Michelle Obama to Take First Multi-Million Dollar Vacation in Year

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Michelle Obama has sighed in relief at her husband's election win and is already planning her next multi-million dollar taxpayer funded vacation.

“She’s been holding off because of the election campaign and Barack’s people were telling her to cool it down for awhile. Now it’s going to be party time, we’re talking world trips costing thirty to forty million a piece,” an Obama aide revealed to news agencies on Capitol Hill.

The spoils of war are now to be divided amongst the Obamas as they enjoy one last unfettered chance to bankrupt America.

“When Al Qaeda and Iran want an Obama win, you know there’s going to be trouble ahead. Markets dropped like a rock after he won. We’re going to see the deficit treble under his second term and America is in grave danger of losing its AA rating now. Fitch and Moody’s are watching this like a hawk,” another Capitol Hill insider revealed today.

“She gonna clean this mutha out. We’re talkin’ nuttin left fo’ whitey,” an African American man shouted after the election win last night.