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George P Bush Next In Line For Idiots Crown?

WASHINGTON DC - USA - You would have thought that the Americans would have had enough of the Bush clan, well you would be wrong, here comes another one.

“We had the original Bush, then we had the dumbo Bush, now we got Latino Bush. You can’t make this shit up,” a man from Cervesa Heights, California, said on hearing the news about the new addition to the Republican war machine.

According to democrat political observers, the new George P Bush is the secret weapon that will appeal to the large Hispanic communities all over the United States, and there are fears that his popularity could damage the democrat cause.

“The blacks had Obama, now we got pee wee Bush. He’s a part-Mexican squeaky voice in the dark, he’s gonna appeal to the gringos and us, now that a good mix right there,” Ronaldo Enchilada, a property developer from Santa Monica, California told LA Weekly.

Mr George Prescott Garnica Bush, could one day be president of the United States, completing the Bush dynasty’s home ruin.

“I want to know what else the Bushes got out there to surprise us all with? How about a George Ling Ling Bush, or what about a George Ahmed Abdullah Bush, or what about a George Luigi Guido Bush? I’m sure the Bushes have all the bases covered,” Eduardo Gonzalez Pendejo, a businessman and democrat campaigner from Missouri told CNN.

Little ‘Pee Wee’ Bush, as he is called in political circles, is also set to campaign for the Republicans wearing a sombrero and poncho.

Satirists and comedians all over the world are now begging for George P. Bush to come into office somehow, as Obama has been deemed a humourless script reader who has all but stifled political comedy during his boring tenure as president.

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