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U.S. Elections: Vote Obamney!

NEW YORK - USA - US vote activist, Daryl Crescent has come up with a novel idea for the U.S. elections on November 6.

Two candidates are standing for the 2012 U.S. elections and you cannot make a decision. Do you want to go Obama or do you want to go Romney? Well, there is a choice dear friends that can alleviate the problem of choosing a candidate. How about Obamney?

Obamney is a combination of the two candidates with a little extra stuff added. For example, Obamney is ok on the economy, not really bad like Obama, or supposedly excellent like Romney touts himself. Furthermore, Obamney is lukewarm on too much welfare and big government. He wants a little here and there but nothing big like Obama wants or drastic cuts like Romney. As for tax, Obamney is for a very low manageable tax level and not the drastic rises Obama wants in January.

“If you study the U.S. election system, it presents candidates to Americans that are poles apart. You have black and white, salt and pepper, green eggs and ham. Life is not black and white, there is a lot of grey and many layers to everything, it’s not all yes and no, or up or down. This is what America is lacking, stability. We go from one election to the next with wild swings from left to right that hurts our country and does not contribute to International politics either. So, when it comes to November 6, vote Obamney!” Mr Crescent added.

Voters are encouraged to vote Obamney by crossing both candidates on the ballot paper during the upcoming 2012 elections.

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