Dems Tell Obama to Get Permanent Teleprompter Helmet

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Distraught Democrats were today scrambling to recover some lost ground after president Barack Hussein Obama's routing on Wednesday night by Mitt Romney.

“Without his teleprompter and the hundreds of advisers, speech writers and policy makers, Obama is basically like a baby without a pacifier,” a scrambling Democrat told CBS news.

Obama is so dependent on his teleprompter that Democrats are now even thinking of getting brainbox technicians to design a special tele-helmet for the ailing president to wear at all times.

“Somebody has to do something for god’s sake, Obango is looking like a dunce out there. He may have knocked up the biggest deficit in U.S. history but we need a second term to really make that thing big,” another Democrat said.

According to the White House, desperate times need desperate measures, and the new tele-helmet will not be discreet, but sadly it will be necessary.