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Ahmadinejad Opens Own Line of Tehran Dinner Jacket Shops

TEHRAN - Iran - "If you're going to get attacked, might as well dress in style" is the tag line for the new Ahmadinejad Dinner Jacket shops opened all over the city.

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When he’s not coordinating riot police or calling for the complete destruction of the great devil USA/Israel, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad likes nothing better than to relax in his study wearing one of his dinner jackets and sipping some cognac whilst thumbing through the latest copy of Zionist Today magazine.

“Iranians need to dress better, no more cheap brown suits, we need well cut dinner jackets because we want to project an air of sophistication to the invading Israeli armies when they try and invade us in a month or so. Naturally I and every other Iranian man will be greeting them with an AK47 as well as a dinner jacket. Take that you Jew bastards,” president Ahmadinejad said.

The new line of Ahmadinejad Dinner Jackets will also be fitted with gun holsters and a suicide belt as standard.

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