Michelle Obama Desperate For Vacation

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Michelle Obama is dying for another multimillion dollar vacation funded by the U.S. taxpayer, but has been told to hold off until election results are finalised, say White House sources.

“She needs another $25 million vacation, with the entourage, the security detail, the numerous servants and of course all the freebies. Michelle O usually travels on Air Force Two, and her husband’s huge entourage follows her entourage around. It is not uncommon for Michelle to stay in a $15,000 a night hotel,” revealed one of the sources.

The Obamas cost the U.S. taxpayer $1.4 billion per year and they are now fighting to have another four years of the same in a second term.

One election campaigner said: “We need to dupe Americans into voting for Obama again so that he can finish what he was put in place to do. Michelle knows that this could be all over for her if Romney somehow clinches victory over her husband. We need to put an anchor on her frickin leg.

Democratic election advisers have warned Michelle to tone down her massive spending of taxpayers’ money because many Americans are suffering during the current climate.

“If they ever get thrown out of the White House, Michelle has vowed to clean that place out. She even wants the bulbs in the goddamn fridges. As for the carpet in the Oval Room, she gonna rip that sucker out and sell it. She wants to take as much as she can before the shit hit the fan. It gon be gibs me heaven for her for sure,” another White House aide said.