Gordon Brown Talking to Furniture These Days Says Wife

FIFE - Scotland - Former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown likes to talk to furniture, at home as well as in the streets, his wife has revealed in the Daily Mirror.

“I’ll usually come into a room and he’ll be talking to the armchair or the lamp or some piece of furniture. He called our rocking chair a bigot yesterday and they had a big row. I usually leave him to it, go and do the shopping and he’ll be still going at it like a member of parliament,” Sarah Brown revealed in the newspaper exclusive.

As well as home furniture, Mr Brown has been known to have heated arguments with street furniture. In the local town centre, especially on Thursdays when his wife takes him out, Mr Brown can be seen arguing with benches and post boxes. He was recently cautioned by a community support officer after damaging a lamp post on the High Street by bashing his clunking fist onto the bottom casing.

“He keeps going on about how he saved the world, and if it wasn’t for him we’d all be in a recession. I saw him foaming at the mouth waving his fist around shouting about no boom and bust. It’s quite sad really,” Deirdre Baggage, 67, from Fife told the newspaper.