Globe Still Has Two Months Under Obama

LONDON - England - Whenever extreme leftists lose an election, there are many prices to be paid as the vindictive sore losers create a maelstrom on the way out.


Socialists do not believe in fair play, and they destroy as much as they can whilst they are in the last days of power.

This scorched earth policy was witnessed in the last days of the Gordon Brown prime ministership in which he succeeded in burning the UK’s economy bringing it to the very brink of extension.

As for referendums and other votes by the people, these are not honoured by socialists unless the results go their way. We can see what is happening today with the EU referendum, a vote that was conclusively for Brexit by 17.5 million people, 52% of the electorate. The vicious bad sportsmanship of socialists and Marxists are being witnessed now with illegal judicial trickery and they are doing everything in their power to derail the decision.

There is no such thing as fair play or honour when it comes to these devout socialists who employ every dirty trick in their arsenal to back stab, renege on previous promises or legitimate democratic votes.

They are not men of honour, they instead utilise nasty underhand cowardly techniques to destabilise and engender a scorched earth policy, all the while, whining and moaning with a collective droning sound.

So, the next two months will be another example of nasty socialism that has lost, another example of how socialists use their power to punish those who voted against them. These disgusting, vile creatures will do everything now to get you, the populace who had enough of their control freakery, their underhand techniques, and their never ceasing effort to halt freedom of speech, freedom of expression and general human freedom.

Only stunted morons of the lowest intelligence cannot distinguish satire from fake news, but these are people without any sense of justice, or literary knowledge, they do not care as long as their agenda punishes those who fight for freedom.

bono vinci satius est quam almo more iniuriam vincere
A good man would rather suffer defeat than defeat another by foul means (Sallust)

The Daily Squib says to these uncouth vagabonds, these lowly turgid vipers splattering their poisonous inhibitive wares of excrement onto the halls of true satire, an indominitable force, which has survived for thousands of years — you are nothing.

You will be left with nothing, for you are inconsequential, you are irrelevant, you will not be remembered, you will be forgotten in the sands of time, lesser than excrement, or turds that align your ideology of dishonour and hatred for purity.

You will perish without having achieved anything, without even a speck of true creativity or reason, you will be erased from the universe, imploded, and fucked for eternity, for your ill-will, your duplicitous lies will follow you into the deepest depths of the hatred you have created.

A profound Fuck You follows you to your graves, and may history erase your awful memory forever a stain on the collective conscience of humanity.