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Gordon Brown Comes to the Rescue With Idea to Fix Britain’s Budget Black Hole

FIFE - Scotland - All is not lost. Britain's vast economic black hole of £60 billion will be solved by former PM Gordon Brown.

Speaking at his home in Scotland, former British PM, Gordon Brown has once again offered his sage advice to the government who are at the moment trying desperately to fill in an economic deficit of over sixty billion pounds.

“Aye, it’s Gordo here. I’ve come to save you’se raving lunatic Tories from yer own fuckin’ mess. I’ve got a brilliant solution to your problem with the economy. Tek a listen to this ya Tory bastards. (Drum roll sound) Why not sell off a few bits of the UK’s vast gold reserves? As the price of gold bullion is so high in 2022 we would solve Britain’s economic problem in a fooking jiffy.”

Someone then lent forward and told Mr Brown that Britain does not have any gold reserves left anymore.

“Why ever not?”

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