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US Midterms: Red Wave? More Like Red Drip For Republicans

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Trump's supposed 'red wave' was bit of a drip as Midterm election results came in.

What was touted by Republican mouthpieces as a ‘red wave’ sweeping the US Midterms has it seemed turned out to be more of a red drip with only minor gains. The major Democrat strongholds held the line on Tuesday as voters cast their ballots.

As for Donald Trump who hoped to make a comeback, it is still to be seen if it will be worth the effort for him, especially as Florida governor Ron Desantis was voted back in to office. Desantis will now most certainly run for presidency in 2024, a younger, untainted more conservative candidate than the ailing Mr Trump.

Sleepy Joe may be as useful as a slab of rotting meat but the Democrats have been gifted a reprieve, and will fight another day.

The Republican anti-abortion policy was a strong factor in their poor results as many voters disagree with their stance.


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