Madonna Fires Assistant After Misspelling Obama on Her Back

TEL AVIV - Israel - Madonna has spectacularly fired her assistant who misspelled Obama's name on her back during an impromptu performance in the Israeli city.

“Tonight I’m not going to show you my bony ass,” she said, according to US media.”I’m going to show my feelings. How’s that for living dangerously?”

Unfortunately for the self-proclaimed Queen of Pop there was a major malfunction by her assistant backstage because the word OBAMO was painted on her back instead of OBAMA.

Everyone in the stadium was in hysterics as they laughed and applauded the mistake, some even jeering and booing.

“Madonna did not know the mistake until after the show, and you can guess what happened then. The fur was flying and the air turned blue. Five of her assistants have been let go and even her manager, Joel Ephraim, is in the firing line. This is real serious,” a Madonna insider revealed.

This is not the first time the pop singer has made an ass of herself and it probably won’t be the last.