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Madonna Seen Lurking Outside White House

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Pop star, Madonna was seen lurking outside the White House today and was promptly told to leave by a group of secret service men.

Madonna Grows Escargot For Gourmet Diners

NEW YORK - USA - Iconic pop star, Madonna has been cultivating a secret under her arm pits, it has been revealed.

Madonna to Play Richard III In New Movie

NEW YORK - USA - Pop star Madonna is to make her next film about tragic British monarch Richard III, her agent has revealed.

Madonna Fires Assistant After Misspelling Obama on Her Back

TEL AVIV - Israel - Madonna has spectacularly fired her assistant who misspelled Obama's name on her back during an impromptu performance in the Israeli city.

Madonna Nipple Falls into Man's Drink at Istanbul Bar

ISTANBUL - Turkey - An after concert party for pop starlet Madonna went terribly wrong on Sunday when one of her nipple's popped off into a man's cocktail at a local bar witnesses say.

Was Lord Lucan Adopted By Madonna in Africa?

LIBREVILLE - Gabon - The famous fugitive, Lord Lucan, who fled to Africa shortly after disappearing in mysterious circumstances in 1974, has been found and adopted by the pop artist Madonna sources have revealed.

Surgeons to Give Madonna New Arms

NEW YORK - USA - American pop star Madonna is set to get a new pair of arms, a team of top surgeons has announced.

Madonna to Adopt Stevie Wonder

LOS ANGELES - USA - Madonna has adopted musician Stevie Wonder into her family, sources for the pop artist disclosed Monday.

Madonna to Adopt Bungling Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi

STRASBOURG - France - Pop hack, Madonna, who is desperate to adopt someone or something, is set to adopt the idiot Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Madonna Prepares to Buy Malawi After Adoption Denial

LILONGWE - Malawi - Jilted adoptee, Madonna has vowed to buy the whole country of Malawi after a judge ruled her attempt at adopting a three year old girl illegal.

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