Was Lord Lucan Adopted By Madonna in Africa?

LIBREVILLE - Gabon - The famous fugitive, Lord Lucan, who fled to Africa shortly after disappearing in mysterious circumstances in 1974, has been found and adopted by the pop artist Madonna sources have revealed.

Madonna, who has a penchant for a good African adoption, was said to be ecstatic at her new acquisition.

“I have already got a basement room for my darling little Lucan resplendent with bloodstains all over the walls and a rather dead looking mutilated mannequin for him to play with,” Madonna said from her plush Manhattan apartment yesterday.

The pop star has already adopted three African boys, and her aides disclosed that there was a bidding war for Lucan between Angelina Jolie and herself.

“It was a close call. Team Madonna won this one, we clinched the deal in the morning and were having a Hello photo shoot by the afternoon,” Madonna’s personal assistant, Fabio La Ponce, told Entertainment Weekly.