Madonna to Adopt Stevie Wonder

LOS ANGELES - USA - Madonna has adopted musician Stevie Wonder into her family, sources for the pop artist disclosed Monday.

“She flew in to LA on Saturday, by Sunday she had sealed the deal and the handover should be happening pretty soon,” Dana Reitz, Madonna’s PR told MTV.

According to sources close to Stevie Wonder, her royal Madgeness will also allow Stevie to bring his guide dog, Freddy, along to live with the family.

Madonna was desperate to adopt the musical genius of Stevie Wonder, because although she cannot play a single instrument herself, she likes to watch others playing and writing songs.

“It’s a fun thing for Madonna. She can’t write songs or play a single instrument but she’s still a major superstar. She just saw Stevie and had to have him. We all know Madonna does not take no for an answer and arranged the adoption immediately. She’s already got a room ready for Stevie but it won’t have the walls painted with jungle scenes like baby Banda, instead it will be decked out with a Rhodes and a Kurzweil,” her PR woman said.

Last week Madonna tried to adopt Sammy Davis Jr. but was thwarted after one of her aides had to quietly tell her that he had died in 1990.