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BNP Plan Special Crayons for British Schools

BRUSSELS - Belgium - British National Party leader, Nick Griffin is spearheading a schools project which could have all British schools using only BNP crayons in art classes.

Speaking from his new luxury, taxpayer-funded apartment in Brussels, MEP Nick Griffin outlined his new plan for British schools.

“We’re introducing the new BNP crayons to schools in Britain. Instead of a set of colours there will only be one colour allowed in the new BNP packs. Yes, you’ve guessed it — white will be the only colour allowed.”

Our reporter then asked Mr Griffin how anyone was supposed to draw with just a set of white crayons.

“Listen, we ain’t going to have any coloureds in the packs of crayons. These will be white only crayons and you can still see what you draw when you put the paper under a light and skew the page a bit. It sort of shines a bit, something to do with the wax. Whites only will be permitted. No more impure colours will be allowed to mix with the purity of our white crayons ever again.”

This recent BNP crayon directive should come into force by next week when all schools in the British Isles will be ordered by the new EU Fascist commission to enforce the ruling as standard.

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