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What the Kardashians Won’t Tell You

LOS ANGELES - USA - Are Americans sleep walking into a Totalitarian Scientific Dictatorship or is everything OK?

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In a world of smart phones that track your every move, social networks that track and log your every thought, aerial drones, TSA searches, listening devices, and banal vapid vulgar shows like the Kardashians spewed out on every network on a 24 hour loop, you might as well get your brain and liberty and put them in a shredder. This is the height of our civilisation. This is it. Out of the thousands of great thinkers and philosophers that have graced history, this is what the controllers are feeding the public. This is what they think of you, and looking around the streets, the cafes and the schools, this is what people deserve.

Tyranny of the banal

The Kardashians are the epitome of everything that has gone wrong in our civilisation, they are the antithesis of all knowledge and decency in the world. The Kardashians, and the scum that produce their show are polluters and should be tried for crimes that are too unspeakable to mention. Just for a show like the Kardashians to be broadcast is a sign that we are nearing the end of so-called civility and moving into a further state of chaos and disorder.


“One must understand that we are nearing a new engineered stage in our history. When you cry for economic growth, the controllers will say, “Why?” and this is exactly the case. Why would they want growth of the economy from a system that is unworkable, old and not needed anymore? Simply put, the consumerist era is over, and there is no growth after this. Do you think for one second that 1.3 billion Chinese people moving up to all own cars, big houses and Middle Class Western goodies is a good thing? Think again, and the same goes for the rapidly increasing population of India. If they want all the trappings of a Westerner, then there is going to be big trouble. There are only finite resources in the world to cope with the rapidly increasing populations of these countries, and America will feel the wrath of the Eastern population and economic growth soon enough. What happens in America will be felt in the UK and Europe,” a disillusioned American ex-voter told Fox news on Friday.

The spectre of economic collapse and geo-political chaos will be utilised as an opportunity by the world government to bring in the post-consumerist era. The populations were encouraged to consume and breed post World War 2 but now that the elite have reached a zenith of technological supremacy, there is no need for the consumerist populations. Instead, bloated populations are made to feel like they are taking up too much space with eco drives, energy meters, carbon credits, eco propaganda. You are the terrorist now, purely for existing.

When the intern camps are full to the brim and the smoke clears, the big screens will come on, playing more Kardashians mockingly. This is what you get for sleeping, if only you had woken up earlier.

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