Carmel Antique Dealer: "Clint Eastwood Shot My Chair Up"

CARMEL - USA - An antique dealer in Clint Eastwood's adopted town is furious after a prized wooden chair was shot up and ruined by the actor.

Timothy Dunnholmes, owns the only antique shop in Carmel and he has filed a lawsuit against Clint Eastwood.

“He came into my shop with one of his latest floozies, she must have been in her seventies, and Clint tries to impress the gal. He got angry at one of my prized chairs and starts telling it about Mitt Romney and how he is the only hope for America. He was babbling on and on and it seemed to go on for hours, and then he said ‘This is a 44 BB gun and it can blow your head clean off!’ and started shooting like crazy. That chair would have sold for $300 and he shot it up like it was a perp in a bank heist. I want compensation,” Mr Dunnholmes told local news stations.

Clint Eastood was not available for comment on Monday.

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