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Trump Super Tuesday

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Yesterday's Republican primaries was a sure-fire Trump Super Tuesday. The coming election will now be a re-run of 2020.

Yesterday was not just some regular Tuesday, nah, it was Trump Super Tuesday. In fact, it was a Tuesday with a decent amount of steroids, cocaine, speed and coffee. The Teflon Don has done it again, and this time he gained 14 victories in Alaska Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, Maine, Arkansas, Texas, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, and California’s Republican primaries.

When you’re made out of Teflon, every dirty trick concocted by the Democrats by perverting the justice system and state legislature to attack you simply rolls off like water off a duck’s back. The corrupt Biden administration have made nearly a dozen attempts to derail Trump, but they still have not been able to do anything. The only dirty tricks that worked was the sham election in 2020 where the Democrats used the cover of the covid crisis to steal the election from Trump with partially filled in mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting and other dirty tricks.

It is still too early to see if the Democrats will come up with something else to thwart the Teflon Don in the elections later in the year, but if they do, it will be naturally denied by everyone and the media as it was before, but it will be in plain sight albeit ghosted.

On the flip side, the barely functioning rotting carcass that is Joe Biden has secured 15 major Democratic wins on Super Tuesday in Iowa, Virginia, Vermont, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Maine, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Utah, and California.

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