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Global Warming: Farting Kenyan Councillor Arrested For Excessive Methane Emissions

NYANZA PROVINCE - Kenya - A councillor has been arrested and detained for polluting a debate chamber with excessive methane emissions from a fart, it has been reported.

Experts: Why Climate Change/Overpopulation Cannot Be Solved With China and India...

LONDON - England - The Global Overpopulation Deactivation think tank has released another paper urging increased urgency in working towards reduction of overpopulation in China and India as well as other overpopulated areas of the world.

Pope: “We Need to Address Climate Change – Catholics Stop Breeding”

THE HOLY SEE - Italy - The planet is at breaking point because of overpopulation and Pope Francis has revealed a final solution to the matter.

Syria Meeting Carbon Targets

ALEPPO - Syria - The war torn country is set to meet its carbon emission quota by 2018, the Global Carbon Targets Board has revealed, because there won't be any goddamn people left soon.

Global Warming Activists Happy About Iceland Volcano Cooling

LONDON - England - Mount Bardarbunga in Iceland is ejaculating and thrusting out billions of particles into the atmosphere blocking out the sun's rays over Britain.

Climate Change Due to Climate Says Scientist

NORTH POLE - Climate Change is a contentious issue, and one scientist has his own thoughts about the subject.

Help My New Eco House Just Got Flooded

SOMERSET - England - A man who built his own Eco house mourns its loss as it is swept away in the floods.

Al Gore Disappears Into Polar Vortex Never to be Seen Again

MICHIGAN - USA - Global warming activist Al Gore has sadly disappeared into the polar vortex and is still missing.

How to Warm Yourself During the Freezing Global Warming

ANTARCTICA - The freezing global warming weather across the planet is a testament to a fraudulent scheme that has gone very wrong.

10 Great Reasons For Population Control

LONDON - England - Unnecessary over population of the planet is a delicate subject but must be addressed. Here are ten reasons why population control is the only way to ensure the continuing peaceful existence of humans on earth. The list was compiled by an unknown agency and delivered as an open communication on the internet.

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