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Al Gore to Make New Film: ‘A Convenient Untruth’

COPENHAGEN - Denmark - Hot air peddler and liar extraordinaire, Al Gore, is set to make even more money than his first film, it was announced today.

Celebrities Stop Farting to Curb Global Warming

GENEVA - Switzerland - The United Nations has welcomed bids from the world's top celebrities to stop passing wind thus ending the deadly march of 'climate change' threatening our delicate eco-system.

Green Activist, Porritt, to Kill Himself to Save Planet from Global...

LONDON - England - One of the government's leading green activists, Jonathon Porritt, has agreed to set a good example on population reduction by committing suicide for the benefit of the environment thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Shock Discovery – Global Warming May Be Caused by the Sun...

NEW YORK - USA - Scientists have come to the conclusion that the heat from the Sun may be responsible for global warming.

Live Earth Celebrities’ Carbon Footprint Huge

NEW YORK -- The Live Earth event will create a huge carbon footprint on the globe in the name of climate preservation.

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